On the Cusp

I am long overdue for an updated post and there’s no better time than the present.  When I created Connecting Families I took a leap I had been ready to take for quite some time.  Little did I know it was only the beginning.

As a lifelong anxious person, I have learned to manage my anxiety with structure and routine.  As an educator, summer always proves to be a difficult time.  While I always appreciate the time off and the freedom that comes with it, the extra time on my hands gives my mind a lot of time to think and make up stories.  A lack of structure + copious amounts of free-time = increased anxiety.  I literally felt my chest tighten as I typed that sentence.  The first few weeks of June can be difficult but I typically find myself settling into a new routine and become ‘summer Neen’ as a friend used to fondly call me….a more laid back version of myself….before the end of the month.

This summer is no different however I find myself in unfamiliar territory.  After 25 years in education, a career I dearly loved, I closed that chapter of my life.  I have an opportunity to make a difference beyond the walls of a school building and it is one I could not turn down.  However, as with anything new, we are experiencing growing pains, which leaves me with a lot of uncertainty, little structure, and no routine.

Typically, I would seek control wherever I could find it, but in the interest of change, I am choosing a different path.  I won’t deny the fact that there has been an excessive amount of cleaning and organizing at my house in an attempt to find control somewhere.  But more importantly, I am choosing to lean in.  Leaning into the uncertainty, embracing the anxiety and allowing this journey to take the path it is meant to take.  There have been a lot of sleepless nights in the last four months but in the end, I know this is the decision I was meant to make and I am excited to see where it takes me.



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